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Top 10 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting for You

If you’re wondering whether or not your ex is still thinking about you, here are 10 signs that they may be waiting for you to make a move.

Top 10 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting for You

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1. They Like Your Instagram Posts

One of the most common ways that people check to see if their ex is still interested in them is by looking at how many likes they get on their social media posts. If your ex is still liking all of your posts, it’s a good sign that they’re still interested in you.

2. They Watch Your Stories

When your ex watches your Instagram or Snapchat stories, it’s a sign they miss you and want to know what’s going on in your life without actually having to reach out and talk to you. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t waste their time watching you post about your life.

3. They Text You First

If your ex is texting you first, it’s a pretty clear sign that they’re thinking about you and want to stay in touch. If you’re getting texts from your ex asking how you are or what you’re up to, it’s a sign that they miss having you in their life and want to remain friends (or maybe even more than friends).

4. They’re Still In Contact With Your Friends

If your ex is still texting, calling, or Snapchatting your friends, it’s a pretty good sign they want to talk to you. In fact, if they go so far as to ask your friends about you, it means they definitely miss you and are hoping you’ll reach out to them first.

5. They Make An Effort To See You

One of the clearest signs that your ex is still waiting for you is if they make an effort to see you. If they offer to meet up for coffee, lunch, or any other activity, it’s likely that they still want to be with you. If they’re trying to bumped into you “by chance” all the time, it’s another big sign that they miss you and want to get back together.

6. They Talk About The Good Times You Had

One of the clearest signs your ex is still waiting for you is if they talk about the good times you had together. This usually happens when they’re feeling nostalgic or sad, and they want to remind themselves (and you) of the happy moments you shared.

If your ex brings up happy memories often, it’s a sign that they’re not over you yet and that they’re hoping you’ll get back together so you can make more happy memories together.

7. They Bring Up Shared Interests

Your ex brings up shared interests in conversation often. This could be a mutual friend, hobby, or activity you both used to do together. They want to keep the lines of communication open in case you two decide to get back together.

8. They Flirt With You

Your ex flirting with you is one of the most obvious signs they are still waiting for you. If they didn’t want anything to do with you, they wouldn’t bother trying to make you jealous or trying to get your attention. Exes that flirt with you are still hoping to rekindle something between the two of you.

9. They Try To Make You Jealous

One of the top 10 signs your ex is waiting for you is if they try to make you jealous. If all of a sudden, your ex starts dating someone new and flaunting it in front of you, it’s a huge sign that they are hoping to make you jealous. They want to see if you still care about them and if you’ll do anything to get them back. If your ex is trying to make you jealous, it means that they aren’t over you yet and are still hoping for a reconciliation.

10. They Tell You They Miss You

One of the clearest signs your ex is still waiting for you is if they reach out and tell you that they miss you. If your ex contacts you out of the blue and expresses how much they miss having you in their life, it’s a good sign that they’re hoping to get back together.

They might say they miss your sense of humor, your intelligence, or even just your physical presence. Whatever the case may be, if your ex reaches out to tell you they miss you, it’s a strong sign that they want to reconcile.

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